About Us

Who We Are

Plant tissue culture, an essential tool of plant propagation in the 21st century, is now widely used in agricultural industry.

“Agricell Biotech” successfully brought innovation to the agriculture industry with success. As a specialized plant biotechnology company with cutting-edge and industry-leading techniques and a highly knowledgeable tissue culture team with 50 years of combined experience, Agricell Biotech offers customized plant tissue culture services with optimal protocols.

Since all our plants are cultivated using tissue culture, they are healthier and disease free than plants that are traditionally produced. Our skilled crew has been working continuously to improve the Tissue Culture techniques.
Despite our base of operations in Western Canada, we export top-notch tissue cultured plantlets to the US and other countries.

We are here to assist growers and late-stage nurseries in reducing risk, scaling production safely, and gaining the advantages of clean starting material.
Contract with us for your need. We offer a wide range of services to provide one-stop solutions to all customers.

Why Tissue Culture

By using the tissue culture process, a plant’s yield can be increased dramatically, and in a short amount of time. The plant can also be genetically altered so that it becomes immune to certain diseases and viruses, resistant to drought, pests. The genetic modification enables growers to ensure that plants carry very specific characteristics.


Rapid Production of uniform plants.

Disease free production.


Genetic preservation

Double your production

your profit .

Why Us

Farmers can take advantage of the perfect genetics, over and over again. Genetics that encourage high yields in the shortest amount of time and produce vigorous, disease-resistant plants offer the highest profit potential.