What We Do

Plant Tissue Culture

Agricell Biotech” an specialized plant biotechnology company with state-of-the-art plant tissue culture technology, offers custom tissue culture solutions and optimized protocols for application in Agriculture and forestry development to clients worldwide.

Custom Initiation

we will do custom initiation for you if you are having difficulty in propagating your rarest of the Rare or an exclusive plant with traditional methods or you want a large amount of production with least amount of time, we can help you for that with our modern plant tissue culture technologies.


We do in-house R&D project for the development of the micro propagation protocol for the plants and their varieties using state of art biotechnological methods.


We offer wide range of consultancy for horticulture and agriculture industries. Please contact with us for you specific need.

Welcome To Our Tissue Culture Lab

Plant tissue culture, 21st Century’s advancements and an important tools and has been widely adopted in agricultural manufacturing.


Small Fruits


Ornamental grasses

Tropical plants

Ground Covers

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